Lead Generation for
your growing business

We have worked with clients in over 116 different sectors and niches around the world. Generating millions in sales for us & our clients.

Rated 4.97/5 from over 50 reviews.

What we do differently?

Bespoke Leads

We only generate leads that are bespoke to your business - they are only given to you.

Landing Pages

We build a custom landing page for every business that works with us for free.

Campaign Data

We analyse the data of all of our campaigns to speed up your campaign's optimisation.

Fast Turnaround

Due to our agile team, we are able to create some campaigns within 12 hours.

Account Manager

We provide you with an account manager to ensure continuous improvement.

Industry Secrets

By pooling our campaign knowledge, we know what works for each sector.

We do things differently...

Our results are something that we are incredibly proud of. We have completely disrupted our marketplace due to our focus on qualified leads & only giving them exclusively to one client. 

Clients Globally
We are lucky enough to generate leads for thousands of our amazing clients. We work with clients in 5 countries around the world.
People Reached
Our ads have been seen by over 17 million people globally. This is due to the ads that we have run for both us and our clients.

How does the PPC Leads
Lead Generation Service Work?

You sign up for a plan
& pick an onboarding slot

To sign up all you need to do is pick a plan on our pricing page and checkout. Once you've done that you can then pick a time for your onboarding call.

Onboarding Call
& Campaign Setup

On your onboarding call we will go through all of the information we need from you, ensure that your offer is captivating enough for your prospects & start the setup.

Campaign goes live
once you've approved it.

Once we've built your campaign and landing page we will confirm you are happy with everything and put the campaign live. Then we just watch the leads come in!

We give you a team.

Every campaign that we run combines the skills of the different members of our team to ensure that every part of your campaign is as it needs to be.

Account Manager

Your Account Manager will be your single point of contact with us. They will coordinate your campaign and take responsibility for organising, monitoring & feeding back the performance of your campaign.

Average Monthly Cost: £3,000 a month
We charge you: £0 a month

Landing Page Specialist

Our Landing Page Specialists really understand design, what looks good and most importantly what will resonate with your target market ensuring that each click has the best chance of turning into a lead.

Average Monthly Cost: £2,000 a month
We charge you: £0 a month

Campaigns Manager

They are responsible for creating the marketing and advertising plan of action. They will typically do any planning, oversee your campaigns, set up strategies and research your target market.

Average Monthly Cost: £4,000 a month
We charge you: £0 a month

Campaigns Specialist

The Campaign Specialist will build you a campaign that’s bespoke to your business and continue to optimise your campaign as it progresses. They will always take your feedback on each lead into account.

Average Monthly Cost: £3,500 a month
We charge you: £0 a month


Every word when positioning your business is critical to closing that sale. Our copywriters understand marketing and will read, write and check every sentence to maximise your chance of converting.

Average Monthly Cost: £2,000 a month
We charge you: £0 a month

Graphic & Video Creative

They are responsible for creating the graphics and/or video that we use in your campaigns to generate the initial interest. The creative used on your campaigns is imperative to the success of any advertising campaign.

Average Monthly Cost: £1,500 a month
We charge you: £0 a month

WE SAVE YOU: £16,000

Customers love PPC Leads

Learn how our customers have used PPC Leads to generate sales.

William Alexander Logs have used our Lead Generation Campaigns to drive over £500k in additional sales. Doubling the size of their business in under a year.

Anke Damp Proofing use our Lead Generation
Campaigns to fill their diaries. Generating £32k in the first 6 months of working with us.

4.97/5 out of 350 reviews.
Accountancy Practice
I needed a lead generation agency to help me with my marketing and after looking around for a while, I found the perfect fit for me in PPC Leads. They help my business get more sales and more leads which is exactly what I need.
Boiler company
I'm really pleased with my experience with PPC Leads to date. They have been extremely professional and attentive from the beginning. I had a lot of questions about lead generation, cost-per-lead, and what types of leads I wanted. Their customer service team was knowledgeable and answered all my questions in detail. I highly recommend PPC Leads to anyone who needs a lead generation agency
Business Coach
PPC Leads is a great marketing agency. They really know what they're doing and I'm so glad we found them. They are affordable and their work has been top notch. If you're looking for a new marketing agency, I would highly recommend you give these guys a call because they are the best of the best!
Mobility Scooters
I am very grateful for PPC Leads. I hired them to develop a PPC campaign for my business and they are doing a great job. It's been 6 months and we have already seen the first results. Our site traffic has tripled thanks to the team at PPC Leads and their expertise in the field!
CCTV Business
I needed a fresh perspective on my marketing strategy and product offerings, so I turned to PPC Leads. From the get-go, their advertising agency was different from the others (which I'd researched). They did an excellent job at meeting my expectations. They are quickly becoming one of the best advertising agencies in this part of the country.
Cleaning Company
PPC Leads fulfilled my expectations (and more) for my lead generation campaigns. Their advertising agency is the best one I've heard of (within my budget).


Our consultation call is the perfect opportunity to discuss your business & your lead generation requirements. This is not a sales call.

We won’t just work with anyone and we need to be sure that we agree on the best strategy to generate leads for your business. On the call we will typically advise on what we believe are the best platforms, call-to-action, offer & funnel to acquire your leads. Whether you then decide to do this with us is completely up to you.

p.s. Even if we don’t think this you are a partner that we could work with, our promise is that we will still tell you the best way of generating leads for your business that are as qualified as they come.

We generate leads for our clients in a variety of ways depending on the size of a clients budget. Typically generating traffic on ad platforms like: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing & Linkedin.

Sending that traffic to either a landing page or automated funnel that will turn them into a highly qualified lead.

On bigger budget campaigns we also use email marketing, retargeting & other strategies to increase the overall performance of a campaign.

Now if that doesn’t impress you, listen to this… We have compiled every piece of data from all of the campaigns we have ever run, in every single sector and niche, to create a system that allows us to build campaigns that perform faster and more efficiently than anyone else.

The question that everyone avoids answering on their website until they get your details! Not us…

We can only work with clients that have a budget of more than £500. We have tried to make sure that any size business can work with us and we have no intention of changing that.

It makes our job much more fun as we get to work with clients from sole traders all the way up to publicly listed companies. 

In regards to how much it will cost you exactly, feel free to head over to our pricing page to see our plans.

Yes. We do this because we only want to work with businesses that are serious.

We work on three month minimum contracts and then a monthly rolling agreement after that – nothing that ties you in for a long period of time but instead something that gives us the opportunity to get things flying before you make a decision on whether you want to stay with us.